Jim's Accu-Tac Bipod Review

I’ve been carrying a gun for most of my adult life and earned a living using them for the majority of that time. To say I’ve got my opinions on gear that goes along with my lifestyle would be an understatement. I truly appreciate products that really do add value, are well designed and stand up to hard use. I want the features to be practical and do what they are meant to do. I would definitely say that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to gear, guns and the accessories that go along with them. I want the product to work and work well, if I wouldn’t use it in combat or trust it to help me successfully harvest on a hunt, I damn sure wont recommend it to you.

With all that being said, I’ve been using Accu-Tac bipods on my rifles for the past few years and find them to measure up to my exacting expectations. I’m going to share with you what I believe makes Accu-Tac some of the best bipods on the market. This review will be broken down into the following categories: Durability, Features, Weight, and Value.

Lets start with a little about the brand. Accu-Tac is a manufacturer of top quality precision products for the shooting world. They build products that improve the functionality of your firearm. Accu-Tac designs and builds their products using the best technology available in every aspect of design, materials, and manufacturing. That is what Accu-Tac is all about. Every product Accu-Tac makes is created with a state of the art CAD/CAM system and Haas CNC equipment that is made here in the USA with American labor and ingenuity. We all know nothing beats an American made product.


First up are features you find on Accu-Tac bipods. These bipods have a wide range of adjustability. They can be canted from left to right, meaning you can level your rifle on uneven ground. You can adjust them to five different positions, including forward and backwards. That’s far more than your standard up or down systems you find on the market. The legs are a spring loaded ratchet design for easy leg extension or retraction. I really like this feature because when you are in the prone position you can easily make adjustments with one hand. You can choose from standard rubber bumper style feet or spikes. They have come out with claw feet that mount onto the spikes. This will help prevent them from digging in too deep on softer surfaces. I honestly think the engineers moonlight as melee weapon designers for the movie industry; I’m just saying Wolverine could use these spiked bipods as a back up when all else fails.


Next up is durability. Like I said before, these bad boys are made of aircraft alloy and are freaking hard core! If you can find a way to break them, let me know because I couldn’t! If you manage this feat, Accu-Tac has a lifetime warranty. As long as you didn’t alter them in your ‘Intro to Welding’ class or use them as a jack stand while changing a flat tire on your car, they will repair or replace them at no cost. That’s just shows this is a great product that you can stand behind.


Lets talk weight, Accu-Tac isn’t known for having lightweight bipods. In most cases, I go for the lightest kit I can find that will still take the abuse I put on it. Ounces turn into pounds and pounds turn into pain when you’re climbing a mountain or on day 9 of a backcountry hunt! In this case, I think it’s a compromise worth making for the added features and bombproof construction. You might have to leave the Snickers behind but it’s worth it. The LR10 bipod weighs around 26.5 ounces. Not light but definitely makes up for it when your shot hits home because you’re stable as can be!


Last but not least I will cover value. You work hard to earn your money, if you’re like me, you don’t want to spend it replacing a cheap product you thought you were getting a deal on! Accu-Tac doesn’t come cheap, the average cost of a set of bipods is around $300. Why do they cost that much? They only use high quality US made aircraft alloys, they use US made CNC machines and everything is manufactured in the United States! They have the highest quality control standards and the lifetime warranty just tops it off. At the end of the day, it’s a case of buy once cry once to get a set of bipods that will last you a lifetime.

Accu-Tac is known for their bipods, but they also make scope mounts with levels built in, picatinny rail mounts and sling stud rail adapters. I am hard on my gear regardless of what I’m doing, I need every piece of my gear to hold up and not leave me hanging when I need it. That’s why Accu-Tac is Kraken used and Kraken approved.

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