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Taken 4 and coming back for more!

5.0 rating
March 27, 2021

I’ve now attended four of Jim Erwin’s classes, and the quality of training continues to amaze me.
His approach to shooting breaks down the fundamentals and rapidly layers them into a combat art form; his approach to training has the entire class enjoying every minute of it!
Jim takes the time to address every students abilities one on one, and EVERYONE, from novice students to to experienced LEO’s, leaves the class a more competent and capable shooter from Jim’s insight, experience, and coaching.
I’ve been through several “certified” courses. I’ve taken classes at some of the large shooting “academies.” And I have yet to find a course that is more beneficial, or more enjoyable, than those instructed by Jim Erwin.

Danny Trulin

CCW Renewal

5.0 rating
February 21, 2021

Made the drive from Reno to Gardnerville to renew my conceal carry permit with Jim Erwin. We don’t have too many former Tier 1 Operators in Northern Nevada, so I jumped at the chance to learn from the best and Jim didn’t disappoint. It was a great class, I learned a lot and I highly recommend Jim and SPI.

Kevin Cavalli

Excellent Class

5.0 rating
February 4, 2021

Jim’s CCW class is informative, direct, and applicable. There’s no ego involved, he’ll occasionally insert relevant personal experience, but will move on well before it reaches the point of self-aggrandizement all too common in firearms circles. Male or female, new to guns or experienced, Jim breaks down the basic concepts, checks for understanding and only then continues. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Great CCW Class

5.0 rating
January 20, 2021

As a first time CCW applicant I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The classroom session was informative and in-depth, you will learn a lot and was interactive. The qualification/range time was great, Jim reviewed safety, grip, stance, and requirements. He is a very personable and makes you feel comfortable. I highly recommended this class, I will definitely take additional instruction with Jim.

Laraine H.

Best CCW

5.0 rating
January 18, 2021

Never taken any kind of gun safety class before! Jim not only gave accredited vital information, he made the class absolutely fun! Totally 💯 would recommend taking any class again from him! Plan on getting more in depth training on how to effectively use my handgun and feel more comfortable to carry! Thanks again Jim 🤩

Chelli Thomsen

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